We are glad you are here. The world needs more people like you who can confidently speak from their heart and share the contagious power of truth, love, and compassion.

Our mission was put well by Jalaluddin Rumi long ago:

Don’t hide your heart but reveal it,
so that mine might be revealed,
and I might accept what I am capable of.

Whatever your heart’s passion, we offer programs, resources and networking to enable you to speak publicly free from manuscript or notes so that you might be able to help others “accept what (they) are capable of.”

What you will find here will help you meet the new standards of speaking in this era of extemporaneous TED Talks and Moth Radio Hour stories.

Rev. Dr. M’ellen Kennedy

M'ellen KennedyM’ellen is passionate about helping speakers find their authentic voice. M’ellen teaches “The Sacred Art of Story Tellling” She has preached in this style for over seven years. M’ellen is Co-Founder of the UU Small Group Ministry Network. She is enthusiastic about and an expert in creating small group settings that are safe, fun and, transformative. She serves two historic Universalist churches in Springfield and Washington, Vermont. M’ellen serves on the board of the Inayati Order: A Sufi Path of Spiritual Liberty. She is founding Director of Peace and Unity Bridge, a program for cultivating friendship and understanding among Muslims and non-Muslims.

Rev. Stephen M. Shick

Stephen ShickStephen has practiced this style of speaking for over sixteen years. As author and video poet he considers this art a spiritual practice. Stephen’s love of the spoken word began with hosting a nationally syndicated radio program for 12 years. As a principle founder of Community Ministry, the founding Director of UU Peace Network and UUSC’s U.S. Programs, Stephen has used this style of preaching nationally in theme talks and worship, As an Urban Fellow at Harvard Divinity School he began researching the Unitarian Universalist history of this art. He is author of two Skinner House books, Be the Change and Consider the Lilies (Please see Resources for information on Rev. Shick’s books.)

UUMA members please note: Rev.’s Kennedy and Shick have been selected as 2013-2014 Chapter Presenters by the UUMA (Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association) C.E.N.T.E.R. (Continuing Education, Network, Training, Enrichment and Renewal) Committee.